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47 Hall St, studio 32
Brooklyn, NY, 11205
United States

La Bella Vita Designs is your premiere online destination for stylish party , wedding & lifestyle decor. We offer an array of exclusive and customizable options catered to the woman of affluent taste.

The LBV brand is built on feminine details, playful sophistication and lots of sparkle. Inspired by fashion, art and culture we take into account all of the things that are important to our "LBV Girl" so that our collections are relevant but most importantly fabulous. 

Laser Cutting FAQ


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot Laser Cut PVC, lexan, styrene, polycarbonate, vinyl, foam core or anything that contains chlorine. These materials can melt on the laser bed, catch on fire or release toxic gas which is POISONOUS to humans and damage our machine. We cannot laser cut bare metals like stainless steel, brass and titanium but we can engrave them. 

If you mistakenly bring us anything that releases a poisonous gas or can damage our machine, we will not hesitate to decline the job.  


Acrylic - up to 1/4" thick

Wood - up to 1/4'" thick



Denim, Suedes & assorted fabrics

Glass, Granite & Metals (engraved only)

**Our laser bed is 16 x 30 inches with drop-down panels to push larger materials through. Please inquire about your particular material & size**


STANDARD: $1.25/per minute- 30 minute minimum + file setup fee ($35/hr)

Our setup fee can be charged by the half hour ($17.50) depending on the amount of work required. The setup fee is imposed because there is a process to check the quality of the file you submit to us and get it laser ready. A setup fee is only charged once per design. Subsequent “print runs” of the same file are only billed for machine time and materials.  

  You should also plan for the cost of materials and a test cut of your work before your entire project is ran on the laser.  A test cut is optional and is subject to additional fees that will be added to your total based on the nature of your project and the materials required to complete it. We will provide the cost for a test cut within your quote.

All projects require a 50% deposit to get scheduled on the laser. The remaining balance is due before the order can be shipped. If local, then the balance is due upon pickup at our studio.


In order for us to properly understand your project you will need to email your drawing, photo, PDF or vector file of your design. From there if it is possible to formulate an estimate we will do our best to provide one for you.  However, please be mindful that our estimates are not final quotes and are subject to change based on the final design layout. 


To laser cut or engrave we require a vector drawings drafted in a drawing editing software. If you don’t have the resources to carry this out yourself then we can develop the files for you. The fee for service is charged at an hourly rate of $75 based on the amount of work required.

 The process of understanding the scope of your project and illustrating your design is a time consuming service. The process of developing files for you will cause your turnaround time to be longer than a standard job. 

Please be mindful of your time constraints. If you are tight on time and can draft a vector file yourself we advise that you do to expedite the process. 


Artwork sample
If you have placed an order with us, then we will provide test cut prior to production for your approval. However, depending on the nature of your project & materials involved some test cuts could be charged at an additional rate.

If you are just testing out an idea and have not placed an order with us, samples are charged at the standard laser cutting rate and applicable file setup fees. 

Material samples
We stock a small selection of materials at our studio but we can always have non-stocked materials special ordered and delivered to our studio (additional fees apply). Each sample material can be laser cut and/or engraved to demonstrate the quality achievable on our machine (additional fees apply).


We offer discounted bulk minute packages for large and recurring projects. Purchase the minutes and use them however you like. For express service (1-2 days) we charge (2x) the minutes to complete the job and same day services are (3x) the minutes to complete the job. Bulk minutes do expire according to the package you choose, but we will send out email reminders to keep you updated on your balance and expiration dates.

For small projects:

5 hours (300 minutes) $295

Standard rate would cost $468.75 but with bulk minutes you save $173.75, so $.98/minute. Expires in 3 months

For medium projects:

10 hours (600 minutes) $480

Standard rate would cost $750 but with bulk minutes you save $270, so $.80/minute. Expires in 6months

For large projects:

20 hours (1200 minutes) $780

Standard rate would cost $1500 but with bulk minutes you save $720, so $.65/minute. Expires in 12 months. 


If there is a problem with your project that can be clearly identified as our fault then we will assess the damages and take responsibility. At our discretion we will refund your money or redo the job.


We cannot be held responsible for errors that are due to client file issues, or issues related to using a material that was not appropriate for the file. However, we will do our best to make recommendations throughout the process if we feel that your design is being compromised.

The use of the laser requires a certain amount of expertise, and PROTOTYPING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you have a one off custom project, we highly advise that you order a test cut of your chosen material. We understand that this can add cost and time to a project, but you should start with a small test job (i.e. prototyping) to prove the viability of the job and the design. If you choose to decline a test cut, we are not responsible for unexpected results.

Laser cutting is a technical service that requires knowledge of the process, materials, design and product development. With any custom project it’s unrealistic to expect things to turn out 100% perfect the first time around. However we will do our best to guide you and provide useful tools throughout the process.