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47 Hall St, studio 32
Brooklyn, NY, 11205
United States

La Bella Vita Designs is your premiere online destination for stylish party , wedding & lifestyle decor. We offer an array of exclusive and customizable options catered to the woman of affluent taste.

The LBV brand is built on feminine details, playful sophistication and lots of sparkle. Inspired by fashion, art and culture we take into account all of the things that are important to our "LBV Girl" so that our collections are relevant but most importantly fabulous. 


Meet Ashley J. Cook

Visionary | Designer | Entrepreneur | Detail Snob


A native of New Orleans and a resident of New York City, Ashley is the perfect blend of southern charm and city sensibility.

In 2010, Ashley launched La Bella Vita Designs' exclusive collection cake & cupcake jewels. Within her first six months of business she had not only carved out a niche for herself in the market but she had also developed an expansive list of socialites spotted with her products which quickly earned LBV the title of "celebrity cake jeweler". 

Ashley is a "girly girl" and lover of beautiful things. She is addicted to sparkle and genuinely incorporates the color pink into her lifestyle as much as possible. She is the original "LBV girl". Therefore, creating the LBV brand and keeping it relevant was effortless for her as it is a true reflection of her personal interest and passion. Her dedication to the vision of the LBV brand propels her forward as she continues to create products for her "LBV girls".